Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Diego May 2008

This was our weekend getaway to San Diego.
Here we are at the beach in North San Diego. Katie just didn't want her fee to get wet.

Don't we look like a cute couple?

We look tired because it was a long 6 hour drive to San Diego.

Next, we went to Seaport Village.
Katie wanted to be a princess with Mom.

We enjoyed a break next to the ocean at Seaport Village.

Katie and her cousin Kayleen

The next day we went to Sea World.
This was the whole family and crew by the Shamu exhibit.
Do Katie and I look like a couple of cute penguins or what?

Us getting ready to watch Shamu's "Believe".
Katie was with Grandma

Katie and one of the many whales.
Below, you will see a lot of pictures of our day in Sea World, Enjoy!

Now, most of the pictures above were supplied by my sister, Brandi.
This is a picture of her family. Are they cute or what?

We went to the temple the next day to see my cousin get married.
You may not see us, but we were sunburned bad from the day before.

I hope that you enjoyed our little getaway to San Diego.

Look forward to future post's of our next trips we have planned before our son arrives.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mother's Weekend at Hogle Zoo

This is our first update in so long. Well, we have done several things the past month and so I wanted to get you caught up. This was a day trip we took to the Hogle Zoo on May 10th. Kim's family came up so we all went to the zoo and the kids loved it.
Here is a cougar we saw enjoying the warm sun.
Here we are riding the trunk of an elephant as a family

Katie and Dad in front of a waterfall (even though you can't see it)

Katie and the rare white alligator. Look out Katie!

From left to right: Lydia, Emily, and Katie

These are Katie's cousins. They are enjoying the Safari exhibit.

Katie and the Turkey's. Sometimes she can be a "Turkey" herself.

Katie and Mom loving the Giraffe exhibit

Kim's family on the Zoo Train. Katie was begging us to take her on this all day long.

You can see how happy she is.

Well, Katie was tired from all that walking and needed a break.

Boy, was she thirsty!
What a fun day at the zoo with Kim's family!

Front row: Katie, Kim, Lydia, Dori, Emily, Stacy

Back Row: Brian, Paul, Dale, Marc, Aryn, Adam, Domonique, Luke (in stroller)

Well, some of you are wondering why we are all wearing the same shirt's, well, this was the day before Mother's Day and so if we bought a shirt for $7, we got in free to the zoo. The normal tickets were $8. Plus, with the shirts, the mother's got a free 5 - 10 min. massage, everyone got free ice cream, there were crafts and kid's could get their face painted. It was a fun day. As you can tell, it was getting warm and we were ready to head back home to rest.

Thanks Mom's!!!!!!!!!