Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years in California

This year for Christmas, we spent it at home. Brian had to work the next day. But right after he got off work, we headed down to St. George. We spent a few days with both families. Then we went on a fun trip down to Newport Beach, California. We spent three relaxing days at a Marriott resort, Newport Coast Villas. Here are some of our pictures that told the story.

Katie enjoyed the balcony at the resort. You can almost see the ocean in the background.

Unfortunately, this was the view every morning.

Brian, Laura, and Aryn entered the Iron Chef Contest at the resort. The secret ingredient was water chestnuts. Brian made an Asian Salad. It won 1st place for taste! Go Brian!

Laura and Aryn made a fabulous Alfredo Chicken with vegetables over noodles. We all had a great time participating in the contest.
Our two family pictures at the COLD beach.

While Brian was taking a tour of our resort, Newport Coast Villas, Katie, Brogan, my brother Jon and I walked around Fashion Island. It was a huge outdoor mall. This tree was 150 feet tall. It was awesome to see up close.

Katie loved the Carousel. She went on it twice. Once with me and another time with Brian.

We got the priviledge of seeing my grandfather. He is 94 years old. My uncle arranged the get-together. It was really fun. All of the men put on fake mustaches and berets and took a picture together. Then we went out to dinner that evening. What fun memories we create!

Brogan was the cutest and happiest kid the whole trip. I am really lucky that he is a good traveler.

This is our family picture. But we didnt send out any christmas cards this year. Sorry!