Friday, October 24, 2008

Brogan's Blessing

We blessed Brogan on October 12th. We had a lot of family members that came. Below you will see their pictures. We did have one family member that was not present, but we forgive her. Stacy, Marc Tharp's wife, was giving birth to their third daughter, Mae Tharp, that morning. We appreciated everyone that made the trip, especially with the weather that hit us early that morning.

Our beautiful family: Kim, Brogan, Brian, & Katie

This is Kim's family: Jon, Katie, Aryn, Marc, Adam, Dominique, Emily, Dale, Luke, Dori Ann

Kim, Brogan, Brian, Lydia
(Not Pictured, but came to the blessing: Jared, Laura, Sam, and Aryn)

This is Brian's Parent's: Evan & Vivian Brown

This is Brian's Parent's: Jerry & Teresa McLaws

This is Katie standing outside Sunday morning before Brogan's blessing.

You can just see how much snow we received.

This is what it looked like in our backyard.

Just take a look at how much of the snow is on the car's.

Katie was so anxious to go play in the snow.

You can see it is almost to her knees.