Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to St. George

Hello everyone, just wanted to tell you about a recent trip we had to St. George, UT. As you can tell, it was a warm day and so we took Katie to a park in downtown St. George where they had a water fountain and a little stream bed where kids could just run and get wet.

Now, don't get me wrong, but I did have a lot of fun with Kim and Katie on this trip. Not only did we go play in the water, we also went to the park with Brandi and Bridgette and their young ones. Katie had fun playing with them. Now, one of the biggest reason's for this trip, was for the opening of the first In-N-Out Burger in Utah. I didn't get pictures of myself at the opening, but I was the first in line. I had camped out from 4 a.m. till it opened. I was invited as a special guest to be the first customer at the In-N-Out's open house private party. I then was honored on TV as the first customer "officially" when it was open to the public. Once I get the video from In-N-Out, I will post it on here, so stay tuned. Here are some pictures of the Grand Opening.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Easter 2008

Don't my princess's look beautiful? They just make me happy all the time. As you can see, Easter and warm weather brings out the best smiles to warm any heart.

Disneyland November 2006

Well, I decided it is time to put some other trips we have done over the past year on here. This was a week long trip we took to Southern California. We thought it would be a great time for Katie's first visit to Disneyland as well as a long enough wait for Kim and I to revisit Disneyland.

We enjoyed Disneyland for 3 full days as well as our daughter. We did ride a lot more of the smaller rides since our daughter was not tall enough yet. I tell you, I forgot about all the small kiddie rides there are in Disneyland. She was tired by the 3rd day, but this was only the beginning of our trip down.

Now that we have had our fun at Disneyland, we decided to get our sore feet wet on the beach at Newport Coast Villas. Katie kept saying that she didn't want to take a bath. She does like water. She thought Nemo would come up to her and say "Hi Katie".

I too joined in with my wife and little princess. We went down to the beach that was below our timeshare we were staying at, Marriott's Newport Coast Villas. This is a company I work for so the traveling is great.